Z ATHLETIC Gymnastics Expandable Kip Bar


  • NEW and IMPROVED – We’ve been designing horizontal bars for over a decade and are excited to share our newest Kip Bar with extended legs and flat crossbars! We take feedback very seriously and improve
  • STURDY – Built with steel legs & the rail has a high-quality fiberglass core, making the direct pull-down weight limit 300lbs & the usage limit 120lbs. Bar is now made to last to Gymnastics le
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT – Easy to adjust bar from 36″-58” so it can be used at multiple ages and heights. Now with longer base legs, no need for an extension kit!
  • EASY ASSEMBLY – With less than 10 bolts and the only tool required is a wrench, assembly is easy and quick. Excellent over the phone assistance if you run into any issues
  • SAFE & DURABLE – Two-year and product is lead free and meets all CPSIA standards. If your item is damaged during shipping contact Z Athletic directly.

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kip barkip bar
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  • For indoor use/storage only.

Z Athletic Expandable Kip Bar

Comes in Purple, Blue, and Pink

Our improved Kip Bar is here! It has additional stability which allows for a higher weight and skill limit.

Bring the gym to you with the Z Athletic Expandable Kip Bar! Practice kips and other bar moves in the comfort of your home. This bar is ideal for gymnasts level 3 or 4. Designed for your young athlete, the Kip Bar is made of steel and can adjust up to a height of 58″.

High Quality Rail

40mm diameter fiberglass rail covered with non-slip synthetic wood material. The fiberglass core is vital in giving the bar added strength and flexibility, just like in a competition setting. This makes training more productive since the athlete doesn’t have to adjust between a solid wood bar and a bar with a fiberglass core like they’d find in the gym.

Kip Bar; Welded supports;high quality kip bar;stabilizationKip Bar; Welded supports;high quality kip bar;stabilization

kip barkip bar

Elite BarElite Bar

Welded Supports

All Kip Bar legs have welded supports which means better stabilization and less movement.

Adjustable Height

Adjust the Z Athletic Expandable Kip Bar height from 36″ to 58″ easily with the spin-lock mechanism. The bar can go higher, but we recommend having an extension kit attached.

Feature Rich and Superior Quality

We’ve been designing, manufacturing, and selling horizontal bars for over 10 years. We know quality and we listen to what our customers want.

Check out the Kip Bar’s big brother, the Elite Training Bar

Looking for something a little more robust? The Z Athletic Elite Training Bar is one of the sturdiest bar on the market and can be used up to some gymnastics level 7 moves. Check our Z Athletic’s complete catalog for more details.

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Z Athletic Expandable Kip Bar Z Athletic Kip Bar and 4ft x 6ft x 2in Package Z Athletic Kip Bar, 4ft x 6ft x 2in & Off Attachable Beam Package Z Athletic Kip Bar, 4ft x 8ft x 2in & Off Ground Beam Package Z Athletic Elite Gymnastics Bar with Adjustable Height
Expandable Kip Bar
4ft x 6ft x 2in Mat
Upgraded Mat (4ft x 8ft x 2in)
Attachable Low Beam
7″ Off Ground Balance Beam
25th Anniversary Elite Bar

Z Athletic;Sale;Anniversary;Gymnastics; gym equipmentZ Athletic;Sale;Anniversary;Gymnastics; gym equipment

Formed in 1993 by a former US Olympic Gymnastics Coach

Z Athletic strives to bring professional quality products directly to your home for gymnastics, martial arts, tumbling, and exercise.

We design and sell our products directly, giving the customer the highest quality for one of the best prices.

We position employees oversees to monitor our manufacturing process, ensuring a high quality product that we can adapt as customers recommend adjustments.

Our products are designed to competition specifications whenever possible, so you can practice at home on gym quality equipment.


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