Stamina Multi-Level Magnetic Resistance Rower, Compact Rowing Machine


  • Aluminum rowing beam for smoother seat sliding; ball-bearing rollers for smooth rowing stroke; durable rowing strap that’s built to last; 8 levels of smooth, quiet magnetic resistance
  • Multi-functional workout monitor that tracks total strokes, strokes per minute, workout time, distance and calories burned
  • Pivoting footplates for larger range of motion; foot straps for added security; comfortable padded, molded seat; foam rowing handle for secure, comfortable grip
  • Phone/water bottle holder to hold drinks, remotes or cell phones during workout; built-in wheels for portability
  • Upgraded floor protectors; stores easily on end

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Product description

A quality rower for home: with the Stamina magnetic rowing machine 1110, you’re not sacrificing quality for affordability and convenience: you’re just trading the crowded gym for the peace and quiet of your own home.

The eight levels of adjustable magnetic resistance are quiet enough to row in the same room with others so that you can spend time with family and improve your fitness.

This also means you can row at the crack of dawn without waking the entire house.

When you’re finished with your rowing workout, simply store the rower in a closet or corner on its end.

Smooth, comfortable rowing: in addition to the smooth magnetic resistance, the rower includes many other performance and comfort upgrades.

The aluminum rowing beam and ball-bearing rollers help the seat glide on both the push-off and return while the pivoting footplates and foot straps ensure your feet are secure when rowing.

Your comfort was also in mind when designing the machine.

With the foam rowing handle, padded, molded seat and a multi-purpose holder for your beverages, cell phone and other devices, you’ll want to row for longer sessions simply because it’s comfortable and convenient.

Motivation to keep rowing: despite its comfort and convenience, there are going to be times when you want to cut your workout short.

But fret not: the rower’s multi-functional workout monitor will motivate you to keep going and reach that next goal.

The monitor displays your total strokes, strokes per minute, workout time, distance and calories burned so you’ll be able to track your progress.

From the manufacturer

Stamina Magnetic Rowing Machine

The Stamina Magnetic Rowing Machine 1110 is the sleek, convenient way to get in a total-body cardiovascular workout. Whether you want to row early in the mornings or in the evenings while you watch your favorite show, the rower won’t disturb you or anyone else. Even more, transport and storage is a breeze, making the rower ideal for small living spaces. But you may not even want to store it away, after all, the 1110 will look good in any room.

Aluminum Rowing Beam:

Aluminum is regarded as an ideal rowing beam material because it ensures smooth seat gliding. Plus, it’s durable and will last you for years to come.

8 Levels of Magnetic Resistance:

With eight levels of smooth, quiet magnetic resistance, you’ll be able to get an invigorating workout without disturbing anyone.

Multi-function Monitor:

The monitor tracks total strokes, strokes per minute, workout time, distance and calories burned, further motivating you to keep rowing. It also scans through the stats.

Pivoting Footplates and Straps:

Pivoting footplates allow for a larger range of motion during push-off and return. No matter how hard you push off, the adjustable straps will secure your feet.

Molded Seat atop Ball-bearing Rollers:

In addition to the aluminum beam, the ball-bearing rollers also ensure smooth seat gliding. Plus, the padded, molded seat makes your 1110 rowing experience all the more enjoyable.

Foam Rowing Handle:

The foam rowing handle makes gripping easier and more comfortable, which is crucial in longer rowing sessions.

Phone/Water Bottle Holder:

To make rowing on the 1110 even more desirable, we included the phone and water bottle holder to make your life easier.

Built-in Wheels:

Transporting the rower is easy. Simply tilt the lightweight rower forward and roll it to its next destination.

Stores on End:

After rolling it to a closet or corner for storage, just stand the rower on its end.


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Stamina Multi-Level Magnetic Resistance Rower, Compact Rowing Machine
Stamina Multi-Level Magnetic Resistance Rower, Compact Rowing Machine
Out of stock