Motiv Trident Nemesis 13lb, Teal/Black Pearl


  • This bowling ball ships UNDRILLED with no holes unless you add drilling services
  • Let’s get right to it, the new Trident Nemesis is undoubtedly the most angular asymmetric ball ever created by MOTIV
  • It proudly features our latest Infusion HV (High Volume) Pearl Reactive cover technology and new Sidewinder asymmetric weight block design
  • Intended for medium-heavy oil conditions, the Trident Nemesis has impressive backend motion and powerful continuation
  • The new Sidewinder weight block expands the MOTIV spec range within the asymmetric category making the Trident Nemesis a very attractive ball because of the impending balance hole rule change

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Product description

Motiv continues the popular Trident high performance ball line with the Motiv Trident Nemesis.

This ball introduces the Infusion HV (High Volume) Pearl Reactive coverstock and Sidwinder asymmetric weight block.

This combination produces jaw dropping backend motion and strong continuation in medium-heavy oil conditions making this ball the most angular ball to date in the Motiv line.


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