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Frisco Tie Out Cable, Large, 30-ft


  • Provides secure containment outdoors for dogs in the absence of a fenced-in yard. Great for camping too!
  • Allows dogs to be out in the yard for potty training, without the risk of escaping or getting into trouble.
  • Easy to use by clipping one of the metal swivel clips to your dog’s collar, and the other to a stake (not included).
  • Made of galvanized steel so it’s designed to stand up to daily use.

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Frisco Tie Out Cable, Large, 30-ft
Frisco Tie Out Cable, Large, 30-ft


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Frisco Tie Out Cable, Large, 30-ft

If you don’t have a fenced-in yard, a tie-out cable provides dogs with secure access to the yard so they can take care of potty business. Designed to work together with any stake plus a dog collar (not included), it creates a safe zone that allows dogs the freedom to go outside while preventing them from escaping the yard if they get distracted. That way, you can make sure your pup makes good use of his outdoor time—like answering the call of nature—instead of getting into doggy shenanigans. It’s easy to use—just clip one of the metal swivel clips to one side of the stake (not included), and the other one to your dog’s collar. After your dog “goes”, simply unclip and they’re ready to come back inside. These tie-out cables are available in a variety of lengths and widths so you can find the one that’s just right for your pup.


Item Number 166431
Lifestage Adult,
Breed Size All Breeds,
Material Galvanized Steel, ,Metal,
Leash Type Tie Out Cable,


Select a site that is level and free of all obstructions. Attach one snap hook to containment device. Use with a Dome, Spiral Stake, or attach to itself around a tree. Attach the other snap hook to the d-ring on your dog’s buckle collar.


Size Length Maximum Recommended Weight
————– ———
LARGE, 15-FT 15 feet
LARGE, 20-FT 20 feet
LARGE, 30-FT 30 feet


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